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Synonyms for fogy

an old-fashioned person who is reluctant to change or innovate

Synonyms for fogy

someone whose style is out of fashion

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While interviewing another guest, Jann Wenner of Rolling Stone, Donaldson asserted that Bonfire of the Vanities captured the baby boomer perfectly, "the type that says, |I'm gonna get mine, I know how to do it, and I can beat these old fogies.'" When Wenner suggested that you can't "beat up an entire generation," Donaldson whined, "But you beat up our generation." On a later show, pit bull Donaldson chewed over George Stephanopoulos as if he were raw hamburger; the generational resentments were palpable.
If I had a shilling for every time these old fogies discovered that the art of government is not infallibly practised by politicians, I would be a rich man.
He should really turn his bile on the incompetents that placed these senile old fogies in charge of him so that they could stifle his obvious talents and turn him into the twisted ageist we see today.
Afterwards former Mirror editor David said: "We were like old fogies reminiscing about journalism and how media has changed over the years."
I pleaded insanity, they cancelled the fine, but how many other "old fogies" are unaware of this situation?
"I think it must be some kind of conspiracy to keep us old fogies off the road."
On the other, it has just made it illegal for them to hang out down the shops with their mates, in case fogies like me get 'alarmed'.
"They said it would be much better coming from them than the usual old fogies, so that is exactly what they have done by designing and producing this leaflet."
Here, old celebrities and other famous old fogies wax lyrical on the ups and downs of modern life, offering their mature, insightful, irreverent perspectives on a variety of issues, including text-messaging and men with ponytails.
Mr Bryant said: "Shakespeare wrote his plays as entertainment for everyone, not just rich old fogies."
Although I was tempted to stick him in with the old fogies, I think he is owed more respect than that.
Worcester's own Tory Boy, Alex Lee, will today emulate Mr William Hague by addressing the Conservative conference as he launches a crusade to purge the party of fogies.
Irealise that this mercifully brief, high-octane "thrill" ride is not aimed at staid old car driving fogies like me.
Old Fogies: Never stop moaning or telling everyone how much better everything was in their days.
This at a time when so many of us old fogies go on living for years and years longer.