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Synonyms for foghorn

a loud low warning signal that can be heard by fogbound ships

a warning device consisting of a horn that generates a loud low tone

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Daihen says the FogHorn software has helped it eliminate 5,000 hours of manual data entry per year.
It was reported yesterday that United States-based Flagship Pioneering has made an initial capital commitment of USD50m into Foghorn Therapeutics, a developer of therapies for cancer and other serious diseases.
Foghorn Leghorn: 'Stand up boy, you're trippin' over your own feet.
Situated on top of the cliff, the foghorn house experiences extreme weather; and after being buffeted by wind, rain and salt, the building is in need of repair.
American roots music is a diverse and never-ending well of inspiration, and Foghorn Stringband continually and obsessively draws from old-time, bluegrass, classic country, and Cajun music traditions in an ongoing quest to present a broad span of American historical music with an unparalleled youthful energy, joy, and virtuosity.
COTTAGE GROVE - Foghorn Stringband - which is credited with the Northwest resurgence of old-time music - has been a frequent visitors to Portland festivals and venues over the years.
I could moan about Camra members who stick to bars like limpets, trying to show off with their knowledge of obscure hops and blocking access for other customers, or those members who foghorn their views for the whole pub to hear.
A harmadik hid: Maganerdeku feljegyzesek Foghorn Peter halalanak ugyeben.
Jeff Hodges, owner of two Foghorn's, bought the former Oseguera's Mexican Restaurant at 1100 S.
KENNEBUNKPORT , Maine -- Boaters needing foghorn assistance around Kennebunkport, Maine, now need to request it, instead of hearing it automatically.
getting rid of seagulls, my other policies, and I don't have many, will be stopping the foghorn noise fire engines make, as well as the sirens and blue lights.
But after becoming embroiled in the row between her foghorn daughters Bianca and Sonia and collapsing, a nurse at the hospital reveals that Carol's suffering an infection.
The competition stems from a quarterly Midlands Improv Smackdown, held at the Old Joint Stock since early 2012 and hosted by the theatre's resident Improv Group, Foghorn Improv.
darkness of late night--or is it early morning?--the foghorn abolishes