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Synonyms for fogginess

an atmosphere in which visibility is reduced because of a cloud of some substance

the quality of being indistinct and without sharp outlines

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The fogginess and empty headedness of cortisol-deficient patients is due to a low blood pressure (69) that substantially reduces the blood supply to the highest parts of the body when standing, particularly the brain.
"Tiredness, fatigue, or fogginess" was the next most frequent theme (n = 10,19.2%) with the least cited themes being "Some nausea and/or gastric disturbance" (n = 7, 13.5%) and the "Need to seek medical attention or manageable with medication" (n = 6,11.5%).
"People use the word fogginess when they could mean blurriness - a key symptom of being short-sighted and the most common cause by some way," says Stephen.
FOGGINESS It can be caused by dry eye syndrome, where you don't make enough tears or the tears evaporate too quickly.
Trapped moisture often repeatedly manifests there as fogginess despite efforts to dry them.
CASE 1 * Lola A is a 28-year-old woman with a history of muscular aches and joint pain throughout her body, fatigue, and mental fogginess. She has been seen by a rheumatologist and has been given a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, but just moved to your town and is establishing care.
Many people live in a state of dysbiosis or imbalance that not only threatens their long-term health, but may also contribute to sleep disorders, to a sense of malaise or "fogginess," and to a range of stomach distress issues that cannot be explained by a specific disease.
SCT includes symptoms such as daydreaming, staring, mental fogginess, confusion, hypoactivity, sluggishness, slow movement, lethargy, apathy, and sleepiness [9, 11-14].
Ehab El-Saeed, head of technical analysis at Osool Securities Brokerage Company, said that the "fogginess" regarding the CBE's decision to deal with the crisis was reflected in the performance of EGX30, which moved sideways between 8,248 and 8,343 point at the end of Thursday's trading.
In all, 16% of women during the puerperium experienced fogginess and multiparous women experienced more fogginess than primipara.
Though symptoms resolve in most concussion patients within weeks, some patients symptoms last for months, including depression, headache, dizziness and fogginess. Neuroimaging and neuropathological studies also suggest there may be chronic structural abnormalities in the brain following multiple concussions.
and in their fogginess curse us our trespasses and in their faraway
Xanax and clonazepam dampened her anxiety, but caused "mental fogginess." Seeking a nonpharmacological alternative, Ms.
"We always have to weigh the risks of falls, dizziness, and/or mental 'fogginess' in the very elderly against the benefits of medications," Dr.
"Though rules for this aren't yet firmly established, it's possible that some political advertisers, some candidates, could take advantage of the fogginess, getting their message out in a way that may or may not be ethical, depending on your definition of ethics."