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a large mass of fog on the sea (as seen from a distance)

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Shortly after slipping out of my pack, I looked across the steep canyon below me just in time to see the big bull mentioned in the opening of this story climb into view on the other side, but I was pinned down by the P&Y-caliber animal until God intervened with that timely fogbank.
25) Rather, Hobbes' determinism has settled down like a vast, gray fogbank of relativism and fatalism upon the modern age.
pain, seeing ourselves clearly is impossible, as a fogbank surrounds our
The tiny Piper Warrior plunged out of a fogbank at 400ft yesterday, with Steve swearing the trip from Ireland was his worst yet.
In the past, commentators have objected to Heidegger's language as a Teutonic fogbank, one hard to criticize in its particulars because it is so hermetic.