foetal distress

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an abnormal condition of a fetus

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The pen is designed to cut down on the time taken to collect a sample to measure a baby's blood-gas levels to ensure there is enough oxygen during childbirth and avoid foetal distress.
Pauline, who works as a book-keeper, said: 'We have been trying to get answers from the hospital as to why something was not done at the time of foetal distress.
Foetal distress and meconium stained liquor contributed 84 (16.
10 Primary CS was a major contribution to this high rate and the commonest indications were foetal distress 15.
Of the premature births, five involved foetal distress and four were delivered via emergency caesarean delivery.
His family's QC, James Badenoch, told the High Court in London: "During the mother's labour there were clear and obvious signs of foetal distress.
He told the court there had been a "failure" by medical and midwifery staff to respond adequately, or in time, to signs of foetal distress shown on a monitor.
The incidence of emergency caesarean section for foetal distress is higher in the first hour of labour than in any subsequent single hour.
There may be some adverse effects, one of them being the need for assisted delivery with forceps and a C-section for foetal distress.
Foetal distress is defined as alterations in the foetal heart rate (FHR) more commonly bradycardia and the passage of meconium in response to the underlying foetal hypoxia.
For the babies too, there are risks of foetal distress and congenital abnormalities.
The raised heart level could have meant foetal distress but it could have been because the mother was in discomfort.
Doppler US results were analysed for prediction of perinatal outcome for emergency CS for foetal distress, birth weight, Apgar score, need for NICU admission, perinatal death.
Heather McComish, a midwife at Antrim Area Hospital, could face charges after an inquest heard how she had twice failed to correctly interpret foetal distress readings.