foetal circulation

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the system of blood vessels and structures through which blood moves in a fetus

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It provides oxygen and nourishment to the foetus through regulation of maternal and foetal circulations.
The reasons of the foetal complications related with ICP is not clearly known, but is considered to relate to an increased flux of bile acids into the foetal circulation.
It is believed that these are associated with abnormal placental vasculature and haemostatic disturbances leading to inadequate maternal foetal circulation (5-8).
For Anna was suffering from Persistent Foetal Circulation, a rare and potentially fatal condition that affects only 10 children in Northern Ireland a year.
It gives valuable information regarding foetal biometry and foetal circulation using various modes, which have been extensively used by the radiologists in the last decade.
The pathogenesis in this condition is transplacental shift of maternal antibodies into the foetal circulation, which acts against the acetylcholine receptors in the foetus, thereby inhibiting their function and causing injury to foetal muscle, thereby causing weakened foetal movements in utero and development of contractures.