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Synonyms for foetal

of or relating to a fetus


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Pregnancies associated with arrested foetal growth and reduce activity warrant thorough assessment of fetal well-being and should not be overlooked.
Summary: Gowri Ramanathan, Head of obstetrics & gynaecology, Danat Al Emarat Hospital on foetal medicine
Instrumental delivery for foetal distress was accountable to 4.
He publicly asked the question: 'Would it not be possible to judge the state of health or illness of the foetus from the variations in the strength and frequency of the foetal heart beat?
For an analysis of the evidence about light drinking and the confusion of the categories of binge drinking and light drinking see Genevieve Knupfer, "Abstaining for Foetal Health: The Fiction that Even Light Drinking Is Dangerous," British Journal of Addiction 86 (1991): 1063-73.