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the confinement of an infection to a limited area


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the act of bringing into focus

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In the comprehensive "Introduction" part, Gorey traces the major definitions, approaches, and fuzzy areas in the field of narratology, and narrows down her approach to the poetics and politics of "voice" and focalization in narrative.
Once again, the present tense in "Whenever I look now at my photographs of her" indicates the focalization of an experienced "I," from whose perspective, Diana is perhaps "handsome," but certainly not "pretty.
Embedded focalization, when a narrator recounts events as seen and experienced by characters (without turning them into speakers), long deemed a modern invention, is found regularly (5 percent of the text) in the Homeric epics; for example:
What was previously expressed only by internal focalization suddenly attains its own voice that penetrates the grammar of the sentence: "hana am not afraid of death" (Gorecan, Trpljenje 66) "hana am moving in the area of the minus'" (Gorecan, Trpljenje 67) "hana is not striving for the realization of her own happiness, but am striving for the realization of my own unhappiness" (Gorecan, Trpljene 67).
Anne's role as a filter of the happenings of Persuasion has long been a topic of scholarly inquiry; many critics have noted Anne Elliot's management of focalization in Persuasion without attending to her attention to sound.
I use the term "external focalization" not in the sense proposed by Genette--whichJahn characterizes as an outside view "reporting what would be visible and audible to a virtual camera" (98)--but rather in the sense developed by Mieke Bal, which combines and subsumes Genette's ideas of external and non-focalization; see Bal's Narratology and "Narration and Focalization.
In reality, the focalization property of TR, which directly relates to system performance, decreases in case of CEE existence [7].
Tambiah's notions of focalization and transvaluation--which describe the way perceptions change during a conflict--help Duncan map the transformation.
Gray thus keeps his (radio) audience hanging on to the dialogue--the medium's dominant channel of communication--by using focalization to great effect.
They go over unnatural stories and sequences, poetry of unnatural temporality, unnatural spaces narrative worlds, focalization on naturalizing and unnaturalizing reading, unnatural minds on the page, unnatural metalepsis, realism and the unnatural mimetic character narration, hypertext fiction, and the unnatural elements of narrative poetry.
Austen creates the illusion of a near miss as the focalization moves swiftly from Darcy to Elizabeth, who "happen[s] to see the countenance[s]" of Darcy and Wickham.
Yang assimilated a series of Western terms, such as: omniscient, limited perspectives, fluidity of perspective, focalization and blind spot; and hewed out of them a distinction between "focalization on being" (jujiaoyu you) and "focalization on non-being" (jujiaoyuwu).
Joyce's skilful manipulation of focalization as a narrative tool takes the reader on a journey through the protagonist's private thoughts and feelings as the events in the story unfold.
In July, the company equipped Buzau city with a similar system including 163 Speed Dome video cameras with automatic focalization.
The first focalization derives from the affirmation that the Pedagogy is the knowledge of the education and this is only valid if it is useful to educate.