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Synonyms for focal point

a point of convergence of light (or other radiation) or a point from which it diverges


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a central point or locus of an infection in an organism


the concentration of attention or energy on something

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"You are a focal point for fast bowlers everywhere.
Each garden flowerbed should also have its own focal point. This can be a tall plant or a specimen with vibrant coloured foliage or flowers such as Canna Tropicanna with its tropical-looking variegated leaves and orange flowers or a large architectural plant like a tree fern.
Ambassador Dr Mutlaq bin Majed al-Qahtani, with other participants in the annual ninth meeting of the Global Network of R2P Focal Points in Brussels.
He also apprised about facilities being offered in the focal points to the patients and added that 1333 patients had so far been vaccinated.
The DDE has rapidly grown to a focal point for the global diamond trade with over 1,000 members and monthly tenders further connecting producers and buyers fuelling further growth, the company said in a statement.
On January 24, with no further identifying information obtained and the couple still not located, the CDC Poxvirus and Rabies Branch and the Division of Global Migration and Quarantine contacted the national focal point in Switzerland identified through the IHR network maintained by WHO to inform the Swiss government of the incident.
One such solution, being developed by Focal Point and Archer Experts, combines deep GDPR knowledge and RSA Archer's robust feature sets with consulting services to implement and integrate the solution across the business.
Download Aoun highlights keenness on making Lebanon 'Middle East focal point' NNA - President Michel Aoun on Saturday highlighted determination to make Lebanon the "focal point" of the Middle East, calling the Lebanese abroad to jointly create an influential mass worldwide.
Blackstone-affiliate Equity Office announced the lease signing of its newest tenant, Murmuration Inc., and the lease renewal of existing tenant The Focal Point LLC, at office tower 44 Wall Street in the historic Financial District.
The internal focus or focal point can be utilized by women in labor in different forms.
1CREATE A FOCAL POINT A focal point is essential in the living room if it is to feel cosy.
Dominique Legros, Cholera Focal Point, Department for Pandemic and Epidemic Diseases, WHO:
Newcastle United must focus on keeping Aleksandar Mitrovic fit and as the 'focal point' of the Magpies' attacks -- because he is a "major part" of how Steve McClaren wants to set up.
A galvanizing company has played a stand-up role in the construction of a gigantic arachnid that forms the focal point for a show that has appeared at some of the UK's best-known festivals.
This is the focal point of the picture, the main subject that inevitably draws the eye and commands the most attention.