focal point

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Synonyms for focal point

a point of convergence of light (or other radiation) or a point from which it diverges


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a central point or locus of an infection in an organism


the concentration of attention or energy on something

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In August, Focal Points plans were approved by the Memphis & Shelby County Board of Adjustment after more than an hour of debate between the developers, residents and board members.
Another internal focal point for some women in labor is to focus on their respirations.
When planning a composition, I often mentally divide the picture into three components--the focal point, supportive structures, and background.
As a particular focal point emerges, so people play a particular "language-game.
The entrance will be relocated adjacent to the reception office and an external entrance canopy with flank wall is to be provided to make a focal point of the school's main entrance.
The ordinance also increased the P300 allowance that police WCD officers receive to P500, all coming from the City Gender Equality Focal Point Fund.
It was very disappointing to see an inukshuk as the focal point for both the opening and closing eucharist services during Joint Assembly in Ottawa.
Bob the Builder and reindeer were included in the script, yet there was no focal point or even a "celebrity" to push the button.
It's been a great focal point for tenants and we've received a huge amount of interest.
CREATING a vista that points directly to a chair as your focal point is an invitation to take a seat and admire the view.
They are then told they will be re-creating that focal point in three-dimensional form.
Summary: Protesters hoping to make Trafalgar Square a focal point for further demonstartions in London have been removed by police officers.
Despatch Industries, a thermal processing equipment provider for over one hundred years, has launched its new PC-based process control system, Focal Point.
Most gardeners would agree that without a focal point a garden is like a ship without a compass - lost upon the sea of conformity.