focal epilepsy

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epilepsy in which the attacks begins with an isolated disturbance of cerebral function (as a twitching of a limb or an illusory sensation or a mental disturbance)

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found that the correlation of multichannel EEG decreased during the first half of the seizures while it increased before the seizure termination in patients with pharmacoresistant focal epilepsy [33].
These preliminary findings provide additional evidence of the importance of early surgery for intractable focal epilepsy, but their significance with respect to reproduction is uncertain given the small number of patients, she said.
This was a cohort study that aimed to determine whether there was a link between whether a person had a confirmed diagnosis of either generalised epilepsy (where a person loses consciousness during a seizure) or focal epilepsy (where a person does not lose consciousness during a seizure), and:
SAN DIEGO -- There are no discernible differences in the efficacy of the two most common antiepileptic drugs used in children with new-onset focal epilepsy, results from a retrospective cohort study found.
Monozygous concordance rates for focal epilepsy (0.
Scientists compared symptoms reflected in the medical records of 50 patients ages 55 years and older with focal epilepsy (seizures in one part of the brain) with those reflected in the medical records of 50 similar patients ages 18 to 45.
The researchers analyzed data gathered from four patients with focal epilepsy - seizures that originate in abnormal brain tissues - that could not be controlled by medication.
Sexual dysfunctions and blood hormonal profile in men with focal epilepsy.
In the study, children with benign focal epilepsy with centro-temporal spikes (BECTS)--the most common childhood epilepsy syndrome--had a higher incidence of psychiatric illnesses, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and developmental delay than estimates from the general population, Dr.
Other symptoms to be expected in benign brain tumours would include headache, vomiting, visual deterioration (papilloedema), focal symptoms (like focal epilepsy, monoplegia, deafness and aphasia), dizziness, personality changes and mental deterioration.
Of these, 21 children had symptomatic focal epilepsy, a further 17 symptomatic generalised epilepsy and one other child had epilepsy undefined as focal or generalised (Table 1).
66% of patients had focal epilepsy and 50% of the cases presented psychogenic epileptic state.
For patients with drug-resistant focal epilepsy, surgery is an increasingly common alternative and MEG is proving useful for locating epileptogenic zones in relation to other functionally important areas of the brain.
Diacrin, to whom MGH has exclusively licensed this breakthrough technology, is currently utilizing it in clinical trials involving the transplantation of porcine brain cells into sufferers of devastating neurological conditions, including Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, and focal epilepsy.