focal distance

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the distance from a lens to its focus


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The parabolic generatrix of the classical main reflector has a focal distance F = -35,8047[lambda] and an axial tilt angle [gamma] = 102[degrees].
No prior study has evaluated multiple near focal distances to establish a monocular range of near visual acuity in eyes with the Symfony EDOF IOL.
The same logic governs Focal Distance, but the process has been modified for greater complexity.
PTC focal distance and cavity open length are two core parameters of the PTC and the cavity tube receiver.
For this purpose, and in order to adjust the distance to the actual focal point of the transducer, the tank was slowly filled with water in order to change the distance from the front-face of the transducer to the water surface around the nominal focal distance, which was 38 mm.
The microwave radiation emitted from the phase-center of a half-wave antenna, located in front of the LHM lens, is first focused on a spot inside the LHM lens and afterwards on point F, at a focal distance f from the interface with the lens.
Instead, people 'prop' their elbows either on their tummy or waist, to pull the phone away from their bodies to get the focal distance they need it, then they poke their chin out to get the screen in front of the eyes," explains Matt Todman, clinic director at Six Physio (
It also has minimum focal distance at 5 centimeters and the latest 9-blade aperture diaphragm that achieves a soft background blur effect.
Mathematically, students wrote the equations of a parabola to find the relationship between the diameter, D, the depth, d, and the focal distance, F, of the dish and found that:
The 20mm focal distance, which is said to be equivalent to
So, in order to focus the beam at a focal distance [d.sub.f], the variation of phase along the aperture, must be:
The laser head must first be taken to the start position and lowered on the focal distance from the base material.
One major problem the researchers had to overcome was the fact that the human eye, with its minimum focal distance of several centimetres, cannot resolve objects on a contact lens.
Unlike camera modules that are used in Notebook/Mobile camera applications, these pluggable camera modules from e-con are mounted with the S-mount lens holder and customers can choose a lens that is optically meeting their application requirements such as Field of View, Depth of Focus, Minimum focal distance, adjustable focal length etc.
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