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Synonyms for foam

foam at the mouth or be foaming at the mouth


Synonyms for foam

a mass of bubbles in or on the surface of a liquid

to form or cause to form foam

Synonyms for foam

a mass of small bubbles formed in or on a liquid

a lightweight material in cellular form

become bubbly or frothy or foaming

References in classic literature ?
His fury was as that of Mars, or as when a fire is raging in the glades of some dense forest upon the mountains; he foamed at the mouth, his eyes glared under his terrible eye-brows, and his helmet quivered on his temples by reason of the fury with which he fought.
He foamed at the mouth while she stared at him, appalled by this sudden fury.
You name one celebrity since who has been on any reality show and hasn't cried, snivelled, sobbed, called for their mother, gibbered, foamed at the mouth, chewed at the carpet" Vanessa Feltz on her appearance on Big Brother "Sex was what held me in bed and got me out of it again in the morning.
One of the animals had to be put down after it foamed at the mouth.
As Ferguson foamed at the mouth, he had to be led away by a policeman.