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give birth to a foal

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This foal had walked four miles, and it was impossible to retrace steps in this Snowdonia mountain range.
Another daughter of Tommy Cockles, the bay foal Popsters Panache sold for PS1,700 to Mr O M Davies of Beaumaris.
Belinda Barclay, Animal Manager at Knowsley Safari, said: "Mum and foal are doing incredibly well, and Takari is becoming much steadier on his feet.
We took the foal into another stable and we stayed with her all night with my daughter laying down on the floor next to her.
It was up to me to get on my hands and knees and try to tug the foal free.
The foal was described as in a stable condition at first but the Examiner understands that the animal was put to sleep later.
SHIRE horse breeder Emyr Williams is celebrating after a mare overcame astonishing odds to produce healthy twin foals.
If a foal lies flat, he is not able to breathe as well; his lungs cannot fully fill.
Wiggs, carefully watches carefully her new foal, the frisky Katharine Hepburn, at Windy Hill Ranch in Thousand Oaks.
Now, the orphaned foal Lill, right, plays happily with her new brother Jim, under the watchful gaze of 15-year-old Prevada.
Uterine biopsies are graded, enabling your veterinarian to predict your mare's chances of carrying a foal to term.
Six foals were saved from the threat of being fed to lions at a zoo by a kind-hearted horse-lover.
AN EXHAUSTED foal had a lucky escape after getting stuck in the mud on a mountain.
THERE can be few sights quite as lovely as seeing a fragile newborn foal rising on its hooves for the first time.
THE Goffs December National Hunt Sale was preceded yesterday by the [euro]8,000 Irish Thoroughbred Breeders' Association's National Hunt Foal Show Championship.