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living quarters consisting of a superstructure in the bow of a merchant ship where the crew is housed

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The 75-word list also included head-scratchers like poetaster, rehoboam and fo'c'sle.
The sailors "spoke in low tones within the fo'c'sle as though it had been a church" (NN 43).
By the lights of Eagleton - who, astride the fo'c'sle of the starship New Left Review, steers a vessel immune to the shoals of electoral contingency-foot would not exactly embody the future of a socialist politics any more than he would the future of the biographical form.
The omission of one or more sounds or letters within a word in the pronunciation of the word (as in fo'c'sle for forecastle); also, a form resulting from such a loss of sounds or letters.
The men of the fo'c'sle, the common seamen, chafe at and finally almost mutiny against the uncompromising rule of the ship's officers.
Quite apart from their seamenly duties and subordination within the shipboard hierarchy, the men of the fo'c'sle create their own values and relationships.
Some captains conned their ships from the fo'c'sle, watching the ripples and eddies and shouting their orders to the helmsman by megaphone.
Mr Thornton was on the fo'c'sle as two salvos struck the bridge and the flight deck.
Wooden bunks were fixed to the sides of fo'c'sle (forecastle) below decks in the ship's bow(front).
Mr Thornton was on the fo'c'sle, the watch point, as two salvos struck the bridge and the flight deck.
Water swept over the fo'c'sle and cascaded into the well deck like a waterfall.
But HMS Ulysses didn't include a love story, and my attention stumbled over what seemed like endless descriptions of scuppers and fo'c'sles.
Forester and Patrick O'Brian: fo'c'sles, monkey fists, Turk's heads.
The big ships moored here are open to all who want to roam their decks, climb into the fo'c'sles, and peek into the galleys.