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living quarters consisting of a superstructure in the bow of a merchant ship where the crew is housed

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If we drop the pump on the fo'c's'le or flight deck, we'll then have to haul the pump through the ship, which will require us to cross several knee-knockers.
Passing along to the fo'c's'le deck, the Whimbrel's tall, black-topped funnel, complete with her nowmute sirens, loomed over us.
We put six sailors up on the most dangerous part of the fo'c's'le, getting tired and wet, to provide at best an inaccurate reading of the distance between two ships, so the conning officer can keep the destroyer at the right distance from the oiler.
Fo'c's'le Yarns: An Uncensored Edition of Four Manx Narratives in Verse, by T.
Bailey's memoirs offer a glimpse of history from places most readers will never see: the inside of a reform school, a hobo jungle, a crowded ship's fo'c's'le, a union meeting rigged by racketeers, and a bloody hillside enfiladed by machine-gun fire.
His favorite vessel was a clipper ship so large that it was Wednesday in the fo'c's'le when it was still Monday aft.
"When I looked around the fo'c's'le, you could tell by the expressions on people's faces they were mesmerized by his presentation," said Lt.