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the geographic route along which birds customarily migrate

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Most (about 99%) of these Pacific Flyway birds returned to the same California and Oregon overwintering locations from one year to the next.
Husband-and-wife photographers Tim Davis and Renee Lynn have spent seven autumns training their cameras on the migrating waterfowl of the Pacific Flyway.
Mike Sutton, who sits on California's Fish and Game Commission and heads the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Center for the Future of the Oceans, has been appointed Audubon's Vice President of the Pacific Flyway.
The Delhi- Noida- Direct flyway connecting the Capital to the neighbouring city in Uttar Pradesh became toll- free with the Supreme Court on November 11, 2016 refusing to stay an Allahabad High Court verdict restraining Noida Toll Bridge Company Ltd from levying cess.
The Atlantic Flyway isn't exactly THE goto flyway for snow goose hunting.
Director Zoological Sciences Division, Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH), Dr Muhammad Rafiq said there are a total of seven identified flyways in the world: from Northern Europe to Scandinavian countries, Central Europe to Mediterranean Sea, Western Siberia to Red Sea, Green Route from Siberia to Pakistan, Ganga Flyway from Eastern Siberia to India, Manchuria to Korea and Chakotaka to California.
Kennedy Endowed Chair of Waterfowl and Wetlands Conversation investigated the relationship between changes in relative abundance of ducks and changes in weather in the Mississippi Flyway.
Loss of a wetland implies that the flyway has one link less in its series, and it will thus be more difficult, or sometimes impossible, for a migratory bird to complete its annual migration.
These results indicate that viruses in the Qinghai Lake region may be transmitted by wild birds along the migratory flyway in eastern Asia.
In your July 2002 issue, an article titled "Magnify Optic Sales" has several factual errors about Pacific Flyway.
This vast engineering project devastated a critical flyway for 40 species of migrating waterfowl.
Located at the confluence of the Arkansas, White and Mississippi rivers, this small town of 10,000 at the bottom of the Mississippi flyway has been known for decades as the "Duck and Rice Capital of the World" and indeed it is.
Also new: wildlife and wetlands of the Pacific Flyway
E[acute accent]The Pacific Flyway includes Alaska, Western Canada, and the West Coast of the United States including Washington State.
A STUDENT of Amity University had a lucky escape on Tuesday evening when his five- day- old Mercedes car worth over ` 35 lakh suddenly burst into flames near Maharani Bagh on the DND Flyway, turning the brand new luxury sedan into scrap in a matter of minutes.