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a trap for catching flies

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From one species of Venus' flytrap - there is only one species, Dionaea muscipula - breeders have gone to town, and Szesze's Carnivorous Plant Nursery sells more than 30 varieties.
He's right, a quick scroll through the archives of WECT, Wilmington's local news channel, reveals hundreds of stories about flytrap theft.
Sometimes a falling leaf tricks the Venus flytrap into snapping shut.
State environmental experts voiced concerns about the possible impact the mine would have on rare plants and animals in the area including the Venus flytrap.
Your local florist may also have some potted plant ideas in store - look out for Aloe Vera, Skyline Sansevaria or a Venus Flytrap.
only Venus flytrap in town a single vermilion beetle
Like a venus flytrap, Don't Push It nearly tempted me in again and, with his stable in good form now, he may go well.
Critical Links, a provider of converged voice, data and IT solutions for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs), announced on Friday (1 August) that it has signed a reseller agreement with IT solutions provider Flytrap Technologies.
Fourteen different species of insectivorous plants, including the Venus flytrap, sundew and four species of pitcher plants, thrive in this area.
The Venus flytrap is a plant, but it acts like a cross between an animal and a machine.
After all, not every plant species can claim something with a name, or a look, as cool as Venus flytrap.
Call it a feminine variation on the male-rape fantasy: We're seductive but slippery, like a Venus flytrap.
Undeserving of its name, a clouded drab took shelter on a windowsill, dangerously close to Big Vern, our venus flytrap.
Gilbert[R] first earned the reputation as an innovative world leader in the 1960s, inventing the professional flytrap, pioneering its use in America's food plants and pharmaceutical laboratories.