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Synonyms for flyspeck

a tiny dark speck made by the excrement of a fly

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Based on these buzzing, flyspecked, fluorescent poems, I'd guess that Robbins' heart is not lovely but beating a bit arrhythmically; not dark but lighted by a dangling disco ball; not deep but as shallow and alert as a tidal buoy facing down a tsunami.
In a flyspecked Delhi shop stuffed with manufactured debris he uncovered a stack of seventeenth-century Mughal drawings.
By contrast, Maurice Utrillo, a hopeless alcoholic, depicted a Montmartre of dreary urban landscapes with flyspecked walls and leprous streets confined by endless rows of iron railings.
Hughes's poems, timed to coincide with the thirty-fifth anniversary of Plath's suicide, mirror, in a flyspecked way, several of her own stunning poems, exploiting them, competing with them, colluding with the reader over them as part of the case.
Inside the cafe, the Muslim owner and his family and a gangly bearded white youth are watching images of the bomb blasts on the flyspecked screen of the TV perched on the cold-drinks fridge.