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Synonyms for flyspeck

a tiny dark speck made by the excrement of a fly

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But as Jacques Barzun has pointed out, it is anything but hubristic to imagine oneself as an unimportant flyspeck whom God might blast into non-existence at any moment.
The Wagonwheel is now just another flyspeck on the map of northern Minnesota, but not my flyspeck.
Spatial heterogeneity of leaf wetness duration in apple trees and its influence on performance of a warning system for sooty blotch and flyspeck. Plant Disease, Saint Paul, v.92, n.1, p.
One does not argue with one's superiors, but occasionally one is forced to take the fall for them, and Endo soon finds himself exiled to a tiny medical clinic on Marui-jima, a flyspeck of an island off the tip of Japan.
Randolph, again in dictum, seemed to acknowledge the relevance of the police officer's motives, referring to "[t]he undoubted right of the police to enter in order to protect a victim." (84) Therefore, despite the reasoning in Brigham City, the precedents on which the Court relied (in what Justice Stevens called "an odd flyspeck of a case" (85)) clearly recognized the analytical difference between criminal investigations and administrative searches like those conducted pursuant to the emergency aid doctrine.
If you're reading this magazine, the flyspeck details of the environment in which you fly matter to you, so here's how RNP is different.
Although some military drones use avgas, compared to jet fuel, there's little military interest in it and in contrast to jet fuel, the piston engine bio-and alternative fuels market is a flyspeck. CAAFI lists some 37 companies in the alternative jet fuel market and the field is relatively rich with research dollars.
Sometimes people refer to something insignificant as a flyspeck. But a flyspeck isn't so insignificant when you consider that flies can defecate every 4 to 5 minutes.
Through progressive projections of consciousness, the mind probes, apprehends--and sometimes even comprehends--a universe of realities wherein the concrete existence of its locus, the brain, seems a relative flyspeck. In considering such a universe, the mind repeatedly encounters abstractions that can overwhelm finite processing capacities.
Radio Flyspeck "The total radio power striking our earth in the famous 21-centimeter line of neutral hydrogen is scarcely 20 watts.
ordering the parties not to flyspeck each other, but how could such an order apply to a motion filed almost five minutes later?
The IRGC's naval wing has bases on a strong of flyspeck islands--Abu Musa, Larak and Sirri, in the southern Gulf.
Helena, a flyspeck in the South Atlantic about midway between Africa and South America, he became cranky and complained on his Facebook page that he was Aostranded on a deserted islandAo.
The IRGC's naval wing has bases on a string of flyspeck islands--Abu Musa, Larak and Sirri, in the southern Gulf.