flying saucer

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an (apparently) flying object whose nature is unknown

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Saucer Over City Say Women" (March 31, 1969): "Two Coventry women believe there may have been a flying saucer over the city during the weekend after they were woken by an 'unearthly' high-pitched whining accompanied by a glowing light.
The woman, who identified herself as Rosaleen Parkes, maintained that the flying saucer - propped up on the chassis of cars and part of a corroded steam engine - was an invention of her late uncle and had been stolen from his estate.
STUDENT HOAX THE great flying saucer hoax in 1967 saw Farnborough Technical College students Chris Southall and David Harrison creating their own alien craft for a rag-week stunt.
Netizen 'Alejandro Lopez Robles' was convinced he had seen something otherworldly, commenting: "It's a flying saucer.
Given that there are billions of stars out there, it means that from any planet capable of launching a flying saucer, there are also large numbers of potential targets, many far closer than Earth.
The Earth is quite literally in the shadow of the Flying Saucer.
Travel Business Review-September 14, 2011--Carvel Announces New Lil Flying Saucers Giveaway(C)2011] ENPublishing - http://www.
ALIEN watchers last night seized on a newlyreleased FBI memo as proof that flying saucers did land in the US at Roswell.
Nor did the announcement say anything about its size--although the implication was that this flying saucer may be saucer-sized since the developers said it could fly indoors as well as outdoors.
Wartime's Winston panicking over a report that one of our planes was buzzed by a flying saucer over the channel.
Each flying saucer can be filled with two shades of powder.
Flying saucer or no flying saucer, the Flaming Lips' performance as part of KCRW's World Festival, with Thievery Corporation and Os Mutantes, promises to be as cosmic as its widely praised ``At War With the Mystics.
She even believes the Star of Bethlehem could have been a flying saucer.
A small band of select scientists and a nerdy 22-year-old upstart are permitted to examine a real flying saucer.
Hence representation's occasional interruption by abstract paintings, dubbed "iconscapes" by the artist; hence the flying saucer, the cyborg gorilla, and the images from 2001: A Space Odyssey (science fiction being a perfect container for anxieties about transformation, technological or otherwise).