flying buttress

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a buttress that stands apart from the main structure and connected to it by an arch


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It proved to be a sort of airy chamber in the underside of a flying buttress, and it opened downward into empty space.
A flying buttress provides external support to a Gothic building.
The mainstream of American architecture expressed satisfaction with the results, viewing Howells and Hood's Gothic tower with its lantern and flying buttress crown as an expression of the best aspirations of American business and building culture.
a ticket home extra money and a bank account is what the guide book lists it also says cafe flying buttress natural history museum promenade cotton towels botanical gardens acropolis ice
Add to that the instrument's heavy double-walled construction, thick and rigidly ribbed soundboard, separate upper and lower guides, and flying buttress braces, and one can only conclude that the inventor of this technology had set out to rethink fundamentally the engineering of the harpsichord.
The same is true for the horizontal loom with treadle and the spinning wheel; stone castlery and the combining of pointed arch, ribbed vault, and flying buttress into Gothic structures; the gunpowder cannon; ships with added masts, sails, and a mariner's compass; presses, papers, and inks variously employed; and the mechanical clock, the appearance of which may "in the advance of Europe to the forefront of world technology [be viewed as] a decisive moment" (210).