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Synonyms for fly-by-night

Synonyms for fly-by-night

a debtor who flees to avoid paying

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(of businesses and businessmen) unscrupulous



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In the 1980s to 1990s the CTPL was marred by various anomalies including selling of fake policies, over pricing, non-payment of claims, and operations of fly-by-night insurance companies, among others.
What's more, this is no fly-by-night event; this exhibition is here to stay.
Doctors and regulatory agencies should warn against these 'fly-by-night' pill pushers and their products.
Please do not put the FairTax into the category of some fly-by-night political scheme.
A WEST Midlands MP who used to make her living writing wills has warned the industry attracts "the incompetent, the dishonest and the fly-by-night operator".
Especially those that are obtained by fly-by-night companies to blackmail legitimate patent holders with the threat of a patent infringement lawsuit.
She has no time for fly-by-night sales folk who think they can make a fast buck with a foray into the real estate business.
After just packing up yet another of one of his fly-by-night T-shirt shops, Kai's stepfather brings him to Sun Haven, a plastic town of tourism, money and best of all for Kai, surfing.
Indeed, it should be a friend to legitimate recyclers because state and local enforcement personnel can halt the fly-by-night, less-than-legal recyclers who often give the industry a bad name.
This is no fly-by-night artist: Coffey was one of Detroit's most important session guitarists in the 1960s and 80s and played for many superstars: his insights are a 'must' for any enthusiast of the Motown scene.
So dump the dodgy double glazers, and forget flim-flam fly-by-night endowment sellers, solve that one.
During his years of Involvement with the group, he has vouched for the quality and legitimacy of secondary aggregates and has helped to ensure that RMC does not portray itself as a fly-by-night company that is desperately trying to find a destination for Its products.
11, 2001, terrorist attacks--recognized as long-term players, and not merely fly-by-night operations.
MY sympathy to Alex Dickson of Cumnock, Ayrshire who was done out of pounds440 for a winning football yankee when fly-by-night Burns Bookmakers folded up their tent and vanished into the London night.
He called for a 'culture change' in the financial service industry, taking in the big banks as well as 'fly-by-night credit companies'.