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Synonyms for fly-by-night

Synonyms for fly-by-night

a debtor who flees to avoid paying

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(of businesses and businessmen) unscrupulous



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In the 1980s to 1990s the CTPL was marred by various anomalies including selling of fake policies, over pricing, non-payment of claims, and operations of fly-by-night insurance companies, among others.
If someone hears of you, but you don't have a Website, you will seem, at best, outdated and, at worst, fly-by-night.
After all, Charest and Weinberg weren't fly-by-night schlockmeisters with a reputation for creative bookkeeping.
LAS VEGAS Featuring a performance that could be called a fly-by-night affair, "De La Guarda" made its Vegas bow at the Rio Hotel on Oct.
This wasn't like a fly-by-night decision for most of these women," says Kjerulff.
The Shadow Economy team, led by Mr Dermot Collins, targets traditionally fly-by-night sectors of the economy like fast food shops, construction, hairdressing, transport and taxis, industries in which many people work on a part-time or freelance basis and are careless about paying National Insurance and tax.
If they are not careful, though, they may be hit by a second disaster not long after the first: fraudulent fly-by-night contractors.
The EMR industry is known for fly-by-night companies who come in and implement a solution that they are not around to support several years later.
One would think that after being taken advantage by a fly-by-night agency, she would give up.
Too often the kinds of bands who get shunted onto such pedestals are fly-by-night fads, but not Richmond Fontaine.
a story of mushrooms, cops and the Fourth of July in Portland, and of course the traditional calling out of stale fly-by-night companies.
Or is the first international tournament featuring major-league talent just a fly-by-night novelty act?
The guilty parties, by the way, are not fly-by-night companies but big-timers like R.
Kahn kept in touch by showing up intermittently for much-awaited fly-by-night visits.
This is no fly-by-night operation, as she lives and works in it for three months, suffering abuse from customers.