fly orchid

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any of several dwarf creeping orchids with small bizarre insect-like hairy flowers on slender stalks

European orchid whose flowers resemble flies

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Some of the most rare orchids are the Red Helleborine and the Fly Orchid of Anglesey, North Wales," he said.
Ponies on fen- land, left, and, below, the rare bladderwort, which traps insects via a vaccumoperated underwater trapdoor system Cattle graze next to fens, above, and left, a fly orchid The Anglesey and Llyn Fens LIFE project team, Justin Hanson, Peter Jones and Llion Jones
Other species such as the Fly Orchid are classified as vulnerable and have only been recorded from two sites in the country," said Dr Elisabeth Harris from Powys Flora Conservation.
Whistling oyster catchers, keening red kites, roaring deer, tunnel-web spiders, a huge pike, rare fly orchids, ferns, moths and butterflies, plus a crow sliding down his tent roof were among Mike's other companions.