fly off the handle

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Now that our anchor is established, let's fly off the handle to the charming asterism Ferrero 6, named for French amateur Laurent Ferrero.
I fly off the handle at the least little irritation.
Does little Justin fly off the handle, put his hands on his hips, and say, "Well, I never!" Read on.
I expected my HAC to fly off the handle at the ship, the LSE, or me for not waving her off, but she didn't.
Can you imagine dealing with our foreign powers and you get mad and fly off the handle? It could be very dangerous.
I fly off the handle. I spill out everything that's wrong.
Blueberries 125g punnet 77p p 83p "After I gave him another chance, he seemed different and would fly off the handle at the least little thing.
Very few people met his high standards, which irked him and he was always likely to fly off the handle into a rage, then 30 seconds later the emotional pendulum would swing completely back the other way.
Men are also liable to fly off the handle when it comes to on street parking spaces.