fly ash

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fine solid particles of ash that are carried into the air when fuel is combusted

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The granulated fly ash was studied as adsorbent for the reactive brilliant orange X-GN, direct red 12B organic and dyes- ethylene blue in wastewater solution.
Fly ash is a by-product of the combustion of pulverized coal and is a pozzolanic material.
India generated about 220 million tonnes ( mnT) of fly ash in 2012- 13, of which only about 120 mnT could be used for different purposes.
They reported that, splitting tensile strength decreased with increase in fly ash content.
Headwaters said the acquisition of the small fly ash marketer, which is located in the state of Pennsylvania, was paid for in cash.
The effects of fly ash and other mineral admixtures on porosity and pore structure of blended cement paste, with for example fly ash or slag, is well documented in the literature (Wee et al.
The promising laboratory results suggest a path to greatly increasing the use of fly ash in concrete, leading to sizable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, construction costs and landfill volumes.
They found that the surface resistivity test results are highly correlated with the RCPT, even for high-volume fly ash mixtures and ternary mixtures with finely ground limestone.
The growth media were composed of a soil as a control, and two mentioned above ashes in the following combinations: 100% soil (the control), 100% NDSU fly ash, 50% NDSU fly ash/50% Peat Moss, 33% NDSU fly ash/33% Peat Moss/33% Soil, 100% VCSU fly ash, 50% VCSU fly ash/50% Peat Moss, 33%VCSU fly ash/33% Peat Moss/33% Soil.
Officials at Metro Vancouver did not receive test results indicating the abnormal levels of cadmium which showed up in fly ash collected from the incinerator in July and August--until Sept.
The properties of the fly ash give the paint a durability that will allow it to be used in any environment, which will be a massive advantage in areas where the weather can make safety monitoring particularly difficult/' says Mohamed Saafi, a researcher at the university's Department of Civil Engineering.
Fly ash as well as other additives such as ground slag, kaoline, metakaoline, bolus and calcined bolus were applied as a basic material of geopolymers.
Key words: mixing technology, hydraulic transport, fly ash, bottom ash