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(physics) the number of changes in energy flow across a given surface per unit area

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It can be seen that the effect of the magnetic flux density on the extrudate swell ratio change for the CUP magnetic field system was the same as that for the COP magnetic field system, the swelling ratio increasing with increasing magnetic flux density.
B] of the magnetic field (especially rotations of the field vector) seen by the moving neutron normalized to the absolute value of the magnetic flux density B have to be much slower than the neutron Larmor precession in the magnetic field [[omega].
It can be seen that as the input signal is increased the magnetic flux density also increases, linearly at first, but eventually reaches saturation.
In a given direction, the noise-power density received by the antenna will be equal to one-half of the flux density multiplied by the effective area of the antenna in that direction.
The magnetic flux density of this MF is insignificant and does not exceed 10 % of the total EMF of the TS.
Moreover, when the currents in different power lines change, not only the level of the total MF generated by several TL changes, but also the space-time electromagnetic field characteristics (STC) of the MF due to the relative redistribution of the vertical and horizontal components of the magnetic flux density vector created by different TL.
We show that the VLBI/Gaia position jitter correlation with the AGN optical light curve may help to locate the region where a flare has occurred and estimate its distance from the supermassive black hole and the ratio of the flux density in the flaring region to the total flux density," they said in (https://academic.
7], H/m and B is the flux density in Tesla, at the area of contact between two surfaces.
The PM flux can be controlled independently of the reluctance torque by varying the magnet remanent flux density and the fraction of the rotor barriers.
Fast response to power-on and changes in magnetic flux density and feature a reverse blocking diode, Zener clamps on the supply and output, and output over-current limiting to provide device protection and high ESD immunity
From this, the unsteady temperature field and the unsteady heat flux density field can be derived.
Stator and rotor currents and flux density and all other electromagnetic variables have been obtained.
As third-generation synchrotron beamlines continue to be built with higher flux and flux density, diamond based X-ray detectors methods are currently the only commercially available device that can simultaneously measure the flux, position and profile of these X-ray beams.
p] is the lifetime of holes, [alpha] is the absorption coefficient, [PHI] is the radiation flux density, y is the distance from surface towards the substrate.
In addition, it is necessary to popularize the method with which problems can be studied by building simulation models because it is more convenient to change parameters and view the current density and flux density which are not easy to achieve in practical experiments.