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An easiest and cheapest structure of axial flux motors is single-sided.
Natelie et al,(1986) said that the ability of a flux to refine and protect the weld pool is related to the mass transport process in the flux.
The increase of stator flux amplitude with respect to rotor position (positive value of [delta][psi]/[delta][theta]) produce a positive torque and is called "flux acceleration".
The spirit of excellence has been a part of Flux since the beginning, Blaine says, and the magazine has won many awards including numerous Pacemaker Awards handed out by the Associated Collegiate Press, as well as Collegiate Circle Awards handed out by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.
In connection with the above mentioned facts it was proposed to perform melting of the flux with application of a non-consumable titanium electrode.
Each detector module will be designed to absorb approximately 5% of the neutron flux so that a series of 20 modules (or 10 module pairs) located along the beam axis absorbs the entire beam.
The average heat flux through Antarctic crust is 65 milliwatts per square meter (mW/[m.
I searched the FedLog, and it revealed the material is in the supply system, along with several other types of flux.
Metabolomics presents unique challenges for sample collection and extraction and for determining analyte identity, concentration, structure, activity and flux in cells.
Flux Pumps has introduced a world-first, brushless, explosion-proof motor for barrel pumps, combining safety in hazardous environments with operational flexibility, controllability and reliability.
Under the original rule, separate emission controls would have been required for the existing furnace and new in-line flux box, creating a disincentive for better chlorine utilization.