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Synonyms for flutter

Synonyms for flutter

to move or cause to move about while being fixed at one edge


to move through the air with or as if with wings

to move quickly, lightly, and irregularly like a bird in flight

to move (one's arms or wings, for example) up and down

Synonyms for flutter

the act of moving back and forth

abnormally rapid beating of the auricles of the heart (especially in a regular rhythm)

the motion made by flapping up and down

move along rapidly and lightly

move back and forth very rapidly

flap the wings rapidly or fly with flapping movements

Related Words

beat rapidly

wink briefly


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Artist choses Fluttery Records (flutteryrecords.com) to release his upcoming work which became a home for brilliant artists from all over the world.
If you love a long, fluttery look Collection's Lengthening Mascara, PS3.99, Superdrug, is the choice for you.
Betty sings to Baby Bird: 'You had a home, now you have two, four little words, dear--we both love you.' At first Baby Bird is a bit fluttery, but soon learns to fly back and forth between the nests.
who chew the plant to death but will become a florid, fluttery mariposa
The latest lash-growth enhancing serums to flood the market aren't overnight miracle workers but with daily use they can produce dramatic fluttery effects within two to three months as you sleep.
North Carolina, Dec 24(ANI): Ponzi king Bernie Madoff, who has been jailed for a 65 billion dollars fraud, has been reportedly shifted to a prison medical facility after complaining of a "fluttery feeling around his heart".
fluttery in the morning air, held close to my chest
must he leave the vulvas lodged like fluttery gray leeches beneath
You got a brush and a tube of black goo and slathered it on your lashes until they became long and fluttery.
Flies, Fred Friendly and "fluttery stuff" in traffic signals - this and more in our September issue of Q&A:
The blistering days and balmy nights of late summer brim with some of her favorite things, from "new" fruits like figs to fluttery sundresses.
Fluttery synths and disco croons--it sounds like Windsurf remixing Escort in heaven.
They build on a knitting trend toward novelty--but with sustainable materials rather than the petroleum-based synthetics used in the fluttery "eyelash" yarns of a few years ago."Knitters like natural fibers, but until recently that meant only silk, wool, linen or cotton, and cotton takes a lot of pesticides and fertilizers to grow," said Ellen Lewis, owner of the Crazy for Ewe stores in Leonardtown and La Plata in southern Maryland.
She is another seasoned veteran of musicals/, yet sounded fluttery and weak, particularly in the high tessitura.
Dave Condon is riding with tremendous confidence at present, and the Tom McCourt-trained Fluttery Dancer gave him his 16th winner of the season and his first at this track in the second division of the 12-furlong handicap.