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Synonyms for fluttering

the motion made by flapping up and down

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There was a great fluttering and flapping of canvas and reef-points, most welcome to my ears, then she filled away on the other tack.
But he is not listening to them, he is there for business; he is not minding the cloak-bearers that come fluttering around to confuse him; he chases this way, he chases that way, and hither and yon, scattering the nimble banderillos in every direction like a spray, and receiving their maddening darts in his neck as they dodge and fly - oh, but it's a lively spectacle, and brings down the house
Summary: New Delhi [India], Jan 22 (ANI): Fluttering of your heart is not always the sign of love, nor is skipping of a beat.
Snow THE snow alights on the ground Fluttering on the trees and all around Snowflakes dance and prance in the cold air With the milky moon an ornament up there Inside it's warm as we gossip and sip.
With the good weather appearing our garden is alive with the fluttering of wings and birdsong, from wood pigeons, collared doves, dozens of sparrows and, amazingly, two pairs of goldfinches which are nesting in a tree directly opposite our kitchen window.
I went on to say that I hoped the present owners would take note so "we could all enjoy the Union Jack, the flag of St George and the Yorkshire Rose fluttering over Saltburn in the North Sea breezes.
AW, Gosforth, Newcastle Night Wings THE tortoiseshell in the room Fluttering around the light As though it's an electric moon Flashes of orange On fragile wings Around in circles the butterfly goes Before settling on the blue wall Taking off again towards the window Out into the shadows of night The tortoiseshell flutters away Leaving behind a feeling of awe.
9, 2011 issue of Science by Christopher Clark of Yale University reveals that air flowing past the tail feathers of a male hummingbird makes his tail feathers flutter and thereby generate fluttering sounds.
The accident airplane was flying in formation with another airplane when the accident pilot reported his "wings were fluttering and he was losing control of the airplane.
I assume that by "heart flutter" you mean atrial flutter, not just a fluttering feeling in your chest.