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a groove or furrow in cloth etc (particularly a shallow concave groove on the shaft of a column)


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His comments ought therefore only to be taken as a starting point for further research about the correlation between fluting width and fluter age.
The width of the flutings may depend on the firmness of the medium and the pressure applied; a fluting in a soft medium may be wider the more pressure applied.
The results were looked at for consistency in the width of fingers: ideally, a small number of fluters should lead to distinct narrow clusters of fluting widths.
The following tables record the results of the clay fluting measurements of modern subjects, of the flutings on the ceiling of Chamber A1, of a comparison between the first two tables, and of the attempt to quantify the extent of the errors from different pressures.
As Niku explained, "We are seeing the traditional mix of liners and fluting changing everywhere.
According to Niku at Jaakko Poyry, "If you look at fluting, you can see that almost all the new recycled fluting and liner machines are being designed for very low basis weights.
The new Palm machine in Germany can produce liner and fluting as low as 60 gsm and investments at Saica, for example, seem to be aiming in the same direction.
That means that with six flutes, there is nearly 3" more of fluting within that same 14" length.
Well, it means a barrel that's lighter, stiffer, and one that cools faster than one of conventional, straight fluting.
I'm bot about to suggest that there is a noticeable difference in any of the foregoing aspects in relation to rifle performance when compared to a barrel with straight fluting.
If the point dates to more than 11,200 years old, it may represent a precursor of New World fluting techniques, King and Slobodin contend in the Aug.