flute player

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someone who plays the flute

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Like the golden-haired doll in the Museum of Technology, the Flute Player was no simple music box.
This summer's festival is from Friday to Sunday, August 5-7, and in addition to the Goulds - violinist Lucy, cellist Alice Neary and pianist Benjamin Frith - guest musicians include the Halle's principal flute player Katherine Baker and philharmonia harpist Lucy Wakeford.
Two marble statues dating from 4,700 to 4,500 years ago depict a double flute player (shown) and a harpist.
With a scratch DJ, an actor, vox FX boxes, a bassist, a Chinese hip hop keyboard virtuoso, a sax and flute player, keys, guitars and drums, it's a must-see for Shadow fans.
LAHORE, June 19 -- The crowd in Bushki Mela in London confirmed the concert's success with its applause, classical flute player Haider Rehman, a Pakistani citizen, told Daily Times on Friday.
Addressing this problem, the Yala Maya Kendra (Patan Dhoka), established in 2006 with the joint efforts of journalist Kanak Mani Dixit and renowned classical flute player Jeevan Ale, has been promoting the genre by organizing classical music concerts on the second day of every Nepali month.
Reed flute player Niyazi Sayin and lute player Necdet Yasar received awards in the ceremony.
A flute player, Leonelli was a founding member of Ars Pro Femina, a New York women's production company.
14 (ANI): An Allahabad-based flute player left the audience spellbound by playing the instrument from his nose instead of his mouth.
Little Leap Forward is based on the original story of the same name, co-written by Clare Farrow and Guo Yue himself, now an internationally acclaimed bamboo flute player based in the UK.
Nick brought home a sitar, Christian brought home a pedal steel, Nick brought home a flute player, Christian brought home a drummer.
Produced by the North Dakota Council on the Arts, this Keith Bear recording (and DVD) features the world-class flute player doing what he does best--playing his self-carved flutes and telling traditional tales.
Trickle-Down Theories A sculpture of the humpbacked flute player Kokopelli was removed from the front of Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum in Blanding, Utah, after complaints from a local group calling itself the "Values Committee.
It seems Lammonie was a world class flute player and became a musical advisor to Dame Nellie Melba.
He first caught the administration's eye when they asked the teacher, who had been crowned Jordan's number one oriental flute player, to use his musical talents to put on a festival for Independence Day in 2004.