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a soft mineral (calcium fluoride) that is fluorescent in ultraviolet light

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The Chinese fluorine chemicals industry is gathered around the locations with the highest concentration of fluorite resources such as Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi and Henan.
Blue John, being a rare form of calcium fluorite, was mined purely for this purpose throughout the war period.
While pointing out that Kerio Valley is the only area in East Africa with fluorite deposits, the Governor said a harmonious agreement should be reached before compensation and mining.
For example, in the Olympic Dam deposit, which represents the world's largest U resource [14-17], the mined ores contain about 2.5 wt.% fluorite, which adds up to [10.sup.8]t of F from fluorite alone [3].The Ernest Henry in Cloncurry district, Australia, has a total reserve of 167 Mt ores with up to 50 ppm U, and fluorite is one of the main accessory phases closely associated with Cu-U-Au mineralization [6, 10].
Backward integration of Mexichem's PVC and fluorite businesses, which extend from the mine to the final consumer, is another factor that distinguishes Mexichem from companies in the chemicals sector.
In Kayah State, fluorite was found in ~2011 in Bawlake township (182 km south of Taunggyi).
Main raw material in the production of fluorine and other fluorochemicals is the mineral fluorite (CaF2), which is also known as calcium fluoride or fluorspar.
Noorani claimed 2,000 tonnes of chromite were unlawfully extracted in eastern, southeastern and southern provinces on a daily basis and nearly 5000 tonnes of coal, an unknown quantity of fluorite, emerald, garnet, etc were smuggled outside the country in the northern region.
Ensuring the highest image performance, the optical design includes both fluorite and Ultra-low Dispersion (UD) lens elements, which help minimise chromatic aberration and eliminate colour blurring.
With the start of World War II , he then became a wartime Research Associate at M.I.T., working on the growing of optical crystals of fluorite, an optical material needed by the U.S.
China Shen Zhou Mining & Resources Inc (NYSE Amex: SHZ), a company engaged in the exploration, development, mining and processing of fluorite, barite, zinc, copper, and other nonferrous metals in China, has named Hai Hu as its new chief financial officer, effective immediately.
This 76-mm f/7.5 telescope utilizes a two-element, air-spaced objective with a multi-coated fluorite rear lens and an "eco-glass" front element to provide color-free views and tack-sharp images.
Innovation for Mexichem emerged a decade ago from a mine in the central state of San Luis Potosi, where the Mexican chemical concern had the world's largest reserves of fluorite. The fluorite's quality was high, but it had some impurities.
Place a quartz or purple fluorite cluster next to your computer to help protect you from its electromagnetic field.
Directorate of Industries, Mineral and Technical Education while presenting progress of FATA mineral sector, to the higher management of FATA, briefed that 423132 tons Marble, 3057 tons Fluorite, 55773 tons Quartz, 205705 tons Coal, 291091 tons Lime Stone, 7405 tons Soap Stone, 2517 tons Serpentine, 48354 tons Chromite, 30 tons manganese, 200 tons Clay, 450 tons Mica and 64 tons of Verma Kite have been produced during 2010-11 in FATA.