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Synonyms for fluoridisation

the addition of a fluoride to the water supply (to prevent dental decay)

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But Rastrick councillor Craig Whittaker is urging the council and public to oppose fluoridisation and will put a motion to Calderdale Council on October 1.
Those who favour more fluoridisation claim that fluoride in drinking water helps protect children's teeth from decay.
In areas with no water fluoridisation programme, it is proposed to add the chemical to milk to help protect youngsters' teeth.
When you're dead, it's time to stop worrying about fluoridisation.
WHAT A pity Dr Clemenson didn't mention, in his pro-fluoride article (Examiner, December 16), the more serious dangers of fluoridisation - for example, stomach cancer.
Labour's Peter Law said he wanted to see a full public debate about fluoridisation, saying, 'There are a number in my party who do not agree with mass medication.'
People claim that fluoridisation is linked to infant mortality,cancer, Down's Syndrome and bone damage, but there is no evidence for the claims.