fluorescent fixture

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a lighting fixture that uses a fluorescent lamp


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We also removed a ceiling light fixture and extended wiring from it to install eight new fluorescent fixtures. Remember, though, your existing wiring may not be adequate for large power tools like saws or power-hungry appliances like refrigerators or freezers.
Yet while nothing could be more manufactured and iterative than hardware-store-bought fluorescent fixtures, it is equally true that nothing about them is "reproductive" in the Benjaminian sense.
"You can get lots of kinds of fluorescent fixtures now," says Gary Earl Parsons, a Berkeley Calif., architect.
It was determined that the fixtures could be replaced by either a 13-watt (pole and exterior wall lights) or a 32-watt (storerooms and restrooms) fluorescent fixture with plastic faces.
(A ballast is the small metal box that modulates voltage in a fluorescent fixture.) It's irritating, but you have to read the fine print on the packaging to discover this limitation.
Over the island, a suspended fluorescent fixture replaced a large wooden pot rack.
The circuit breaker hadn't tripped, so I thought it must be the switch or the ballast in the fluorescent fixture. I got my tester and checked the two wires on the switch.
Consequently, an exterior-rated fluorescent fixture was selected to stand up to the elements--this is Seattle, after all--as well as pigeons and other birds that might fl y into the tube.
Moreover, the fact that Simkar is the largest fluorescent fixture supplier to The Home Depot, and Kalco supplies Depot's Expo Design Centers, suggests the newly combined company may have an added advantage with those retail accounts.
Lou Bongiovanni, manager of Inside Sales for Hartford, CT-based Electrical Wholesalers, considered carrying Stonco's new compact fluorescent fixture but was concerned that it would not "punch out" enough light.
Below a fluorescent fixture, shelves hold plastic baskets for sorting clothes as they come from the dryer.
Select your fluorescent fixture based on the lowest temperature in your garage.
Peterson starts many of his seedlings in a basement, supplying light with a fourtube, 4-foot fluorescent fixture that hangs about 12 inches above the seedling flats.
If the box is not grounded, a compact fluorescent fixture should not be installed.
The main structure is a recessed fluorescent fixture shade and the "windows" of the building are audiotape.
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