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a yellow dye that is visible even when highly diluted

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Feeding and draining channels of the first mixing chambers are then closed and the second mixing chamber is fed according to the same procedure, with the second component of the blend which does not contain any fluoresceine.
Nineteen male, adult mongrel dogs between 2 and 4 years of age, average weight between 8 and 14 kg were selected after physical (inspection; Schirmer's test I; biomicroscopy; aplanation tonometry; fluoresceine test) and complementary exams (hemogram and biochemical).
After incubation, the sperm solutions were washed, pellets resuspended in 500 [micro]L of fluoresceine isotiocianate-conjugated goat anti-mouse IgG antibody (Sigma Aldrich, MO, USA, F-4018) in PBS (1:65), and further incubated in the dark (37[degrees]C, 1 h).
Different types of studies were made there, including tracer tests with conservative and non radioactive tracers such as fluoresceine, DTPA-Gd and deuterium (Garcia-Gutierrez et al.
Action de la fluoresceine, de l'alizarine, du bleu de calceine et de diverses doses de tetracycline sur la croissance de la truite et de la carpe.
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