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Synonyms for flunky

a male servant (especially a footman)

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a person of unquestioning obedience

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ON THE RUN: George Osborne and chief flunky Danny Alexander
The flunky returned with an expensive pair of black suede boots with fringed heels.
What I did for a living--I'm retired now-- was to be a flunky file clerk for the federal government, mostly for the Cleveland VA Hospital, for thirty-seven years.
Based on celebrated Irish writer Behan's classic accounts of his years in the Borstal reform institution during World War II, Borstal Boy traces the peculiar luck of a 16-year-old flunky terrorist who repeatedly manages to save his neck while all those near and dear to him are losing theirs.
By the 18th century he was scarcely more than a flunky dressed in the livery of the period and locale.
Beyonce Mrs Jay-Z sizzled in an Emilio Pucci fishtail dress but needed a flunky to help her up the stairs, as it was so tight.
It won't be long before some faceless flunky suggests a further modification, such as adding the name "City", perhaps.
He'll have asked a club flunky to sort it out and deduct the cash from his United wage slip.
This is the woman with an entourage that would fill Hampden's main stand, demands a red carpet when she enters hotels and has a flunky to catch gum she spits out.
I saw a knocker on an old oak door The likes of which I've never seen before In polished brass shining ever so bright Glistens like gold in the morning light A brass door knob and a letter box And there's an old fashioned lock The wall outside bears a brass plate With words which say knock and wait Ornamental stonework, a mason's pride Now stand blackened by everyday grime I can't help wondering who lives within Velvet curtains prevent outsiders looking in As I go my way my thoughts do stray To that house well-built in Victoria's day A fitting reminder of days of sail Of ships laden down with cotton bale Of landed gentry dressed in top hat and tails Horse and carriage awaits, a flunky holds the reins Once cobbled streets now covered in tarmac I only wish I could turn the clock back
This is the sort of show in which said HMO flunky insists that doctors not treat ailing patients with the justification, ``It's not enough to be sick - anybody can be sick.
But Labour's victory in Oldham East and Saddleworth has left some die-hard Conservatives wondering if the smiley former PR flunky is actually just a habitual loser.
A PR flunky said: "This is likely to be a good springboard for TV projects for Chris.
But while most celebs have a flunky to answer the celebrity hotline, Mrs Banderas is not afraid to do the talking herself.