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  • noun

Synonyms for flunky

a male servant (especially a footman)

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a person of unquestioning obedience

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One of them was that CNN flunky," Erdoy-an told members of his AK Party in parliament in a speech aired live by several channels.
It could be marketed something like this: Standard guided tour of Buckingham Palace and its grounds conducted by some flunky or other: PS50.
Note for Gaga's next flunky: Must have own sleeping bag.
The flunky returned with an expensive pair of black suede boots with fringed heels.
Noting your adulatory treatment of Tavis Smiley, I switched him on last night--and witnessed a softball interview of rightwing culture warrior Michael Medved that could have been delivered by any corporate flunky on cable TV.
That unnamed Clinton flunky can take a measure of satisfaction knowing that his proposal--like many other dubious Clinton-era initiatives--has been acted on by the Bush administration.
I want to reply, "Yeah, but did you ever buy one?" What I did for a living--I'm retired now-- was to be a flunky file clerk for the federal government, mostly for the Cleveland VA Hospital, for thirty-seven years.
Based on celebrated Irish writer Behan's classic accounts of his years in the Borstal reform institution during World War II, Borstal Boy traces the peculiar luck of a 16-year-old flunky terrorist who repeatedly manages to save his neck while all those near and dear to him are losing theirs.
By the 18th century he was scarcely more than a flunky dressed in the livery of the period and locale.
A godsend of a public distraction for upper class twit of the year chancellor George Osborne and his chief treasury flunky Danny 'the red squirrel'' Alexander, as they continue to plunder the poor and merely finger-wag the rich, having failed to hatch a recession exit plan.
Beyonce Mrs Jay-Z sizzled in an Emilio Pucci fishtail dress but needed a flunky to help her up the stairs, as it was so tight.
It won't be long before some faceless flunky suggests a further modification, such as adding the name "City", perhaps.
Apparently one flunky even had to hold the Royal sample pot while the Prince of Wales did his duty - an honour indeed.
JAILED royal flunky Jane Andrews has landed a new prison job...
Cousin Alessandro Pereira was met by a flunky as he tried to hand in a letter at 10 Downing Street demanding a public inquiry into the police shooting of the innocent man.