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Synonyms for flunkey

a male servant (especially a footman)


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a person of unquestioning obedience

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So it's a 24-carat injustice the zillionaire'scouncil taxis, according to Dent Coad, only a measly tenner a week more than Mrs B's -- what a flunkey of the Sultan might slip a doorman outside a swanky hotel.
With a flunkey to load her bags and a chauffeur driving the buggy, Posh Spice could concentrate on higher matters - such as playing with her phone.
After the attacks, I saw him on the TV, visiting the landmark hotel with his film-star son Reitesh and another flunkey.
I do hope some flunkey will manage to extract Alan Titchmarsh from the royal fundament in time for the cake cutting and presents.
Perhaps she could start with the press flunkey who titled her press release 'Plaid call for technology and innovation centre's [sic] to be established in Wales'.
Back in Nashville he used to be janitor, telephone operator and all-round flunkey at an apartment house.
Stranger still that a bleeding heart of Nick Godfrey's empassioned ilk ('the poor stable staff') should choose to spend virtually his entire career as a low-ranking flunkey of an absolute monarchical family (Sheikh Mohammed used to own the Racing Post, for the uninitiated).
Sadly people in sport are all too easily dazzled by the sight of a Royal flunkey or the door to No 10 being opened.
May's scripted boast she's "pretty resilient" is fatally undermined by her inability to menace chief plotter Johnson, leaving it to a flunkey in the shadows to issue deniable threats he could be sacked as Foreign Secretary.
We can only conclude that Charles lacks the intelligence to understand this blindingly simple point and would not tolerate any flunkey reminding him of it.
My favourite shot was of US President Ronald Reagan being offered a Guinness on a trip to Dublin and after taking the most tentative of sips passed it to a flunkey with a wounded look that said: "Someone trying to poison me?
IT'S A marvellous situation; 775 jobs for life, pounds 300 a day for nodding occasionally (and "nodding-off"), once will do, at a flunkey with silver buckles on his shoes; and enjoying an exclusive riverside club.
We would love to hear the Royal flunkey fling open the double doors and solemnly intone: Duff Pickup .
A colleague reveals that when he made his first farm visit the new Minister had no suitable boots so a flunkey was despatched to buy a pair of wellies.
Good peg for an interview, I thought, except that his PR flunkey played hard to get on behalf of his illustrious client.