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Synonyms for flump

fall heavily


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set (something or oneself) down with or as if with a noise

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HOW SWEET: Do you remember Eighties' sweets such as Flumps or Flying Saucers?
As a child I loved The Flumps, Paddington Bear and Take Hart and as I got older it was programmes like Doogie Howser, The Wonder Years and Top of the Pops.
So the SFA fine him a measly 500 quid and severely censure him, the equivalent of getting a rap over the knuckles with a bag of flumps.
Other classic shows in the top 20 include Jackanory, Paddington Bear, and The Flumps.
Does it belong to a similar race of beings as the Flumps, Muppets, Fraggles or Clangers?
On the sugar side there are gift packs complete with gift tag for Bassett's Liquorice Allsorts, Jelly Babies and Maynards Wine Gums plus tubes of Jelly Babies, Wine Gums and Flumps.
Whenever we buy chocolate for his brothers we make it up to him by buying him Flumps - marshmallow sweets which he loves.
In addition to manufacturing well-known sweets such as Barratt Refreshers, Flumps, Fruit Salad, Black Jacks and Butterkist Popcorn, Monkhill also manufactures confectionery products on behalf of supermarket chains offering a full range of sugar confectionery.
Of course, tell them about how you only got to watch daytime TV for an hour after lunch with The Flumps or Bagpuss, but don't be daft and ban the box altogether.
If I drag myself out of my writing cupboard after a 16-hour shift and wail, "Oh dear Lord, I look like a haggard, old husk who ate all the flumps," I want to hear an affectionate lie.
1) The Flumps (2) The Teletubbies (3) The Smurfs How to Enter: CALL 0901 307 6472 and follow instructions (51p/call) or TEXT the word BM3 followed by a space then your answer (1, 2 or 3), your name, full address including postcode, daytime contact number and email address to 85858 (50p/ text).
A fair point, but I'm positive I saw Bannatyne arch a sinister eyebrow at the thought of a cheap workforce of tiny runaways, paid off in marshmallow Flumps in exchange for a life of hard labour cleaning the chimneys and mopping the floors of his vast business empire of health clubs, hotels and bars.
In comparison, the comedian's hobbies include drinking, attempting to find romance and an unhealthy addiction to Flumps.
These are more like flumps than marshmallows but they taste light, fluffy and chewy and you can eat lots of them.
Yup, there's a global network of colour analysts and trend forecasters who spend their working lives fathoming out what will be hip not now but two seasons hence, while the rest of us are still trying to figure out whether we can in all seriousness wear a poncho and not end up looking like one of the Flumps.