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She solved crimes that flummoxed the cops, snuck around in old abandoned houses, got locked in closets by bad guys and she always kept her cool.
Heather Forest (author), Susan Gaber (illustrator); THE WOMAN WHO FLUMMOXED THE FAIRIES; August House (Children's: Picture Books) 8.
The Woman Who Flummoxed the Fairies" is a magical retelling of a traditional Scottish tale embellished with fabulous poetic illustrations that appeal to the imaginations of children ages 4-8 and up.
Moreover, the parents of the boy--a Stanford-bound honor's student--are as flummoxed by this as they are
Errani's prolific work ethic this year - her 81 matches is almost double that of anyone else in the top 10 - paid off as she flummoxed Radwanska with an array of ferocious forehands, delightful dropshots and luscious lobs.
MANAMA: Shoppers at Bahrain City Centre were flummoxed yesterday after almost half the mall's shops and car park was left without electricity.
Roxana Saberi (photo), the half-Iranian, half-Japanese American journalist once jailed in Iran as a spy, was recently confronted by a mugger in a New York subway station, but flummoxed him when she said she was an-ex-con from Iran.
If your condition has flummoxed conventional medics, why not pop along to Caerphilly's Big Cheese Festival in Caerphilly on Sunday, July 29, and get checked out by Dr Dawn Harper from TV series Embarrassing Bodies.
Dickens had the Scot down twice in the first round as he flummoxed his opponent by thowing snappy shots from a variety of angles.
The snub left Lentol flummoxed, he said, especially after the parish asked him to continue his 25 years of donations.
Remedies (Putnam) is a compelling, gracefully written novel about a troubled marriage between a middle-aged Baltimore internist and a public relations specialist who are haunted by the death of their first child and flummoxed by the hostility of their second.
National Party leader Warren Truss, in particular, appears flummoxed by such novel IR concepts as penalty rates.
Scott Sinclair showed a great piece of skill in the box - it completely flummoxed the defender - and not only did his leg get taken but he was also pulled by an arm round his neck as well.
None of us would be flummoxed by seeing the word 'Heddlu' on all Welsh police vehicles.