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a bland custard or pudding especially of oatmeal

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meaningless ceremonies and flattery

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Wyn Kelly's essay, "Melville's Flummery," also takes Sophia Hawthorne's correspondence as its starting point, citing a letter in which Sophia characterizes a letter Melville sent to Nathaniel as indicative of the ways in which Melville's struggles with convention produced a mixture of brilliance, incoherence, and impiety in his writing.
The plot is Celtic flummery - French romantic opera in kilts - but Mehul's aim to give the instrumental music a Gothic atmosphere - he omits violins opting for divided violas with plentiful harp and horn solos - works well.
They have claimed the numbers are flummery, that there is a yawning gap between consents and dwellings completed, and that building consents inflate the numbers by over 30 per cent.
The formality and flummery of tradition can be fun but everyone who works there seems to have a rather wry approach to it and know what the fundamental purpose of a parliament in the 21st century should be - an efficient and effective legislature for the people of Britain, not a museum or gentlemen's club.
For the starter there was Sir Morgannwg sausage with flummery (whatever that is), pickle and spiced apple, followed by a palate cleanser of cranberry and orange nibble.
And Leigh felt she should jump in--in fact she could jump in, because despite all the flummery of adulthood, she had sex, she had had sex many times.
But this is all flummery. When we arrive home from abroad there is no line for "British passport holders" or for "UK citizens." (We are citizens, not subjects, these days.
The bowing, the scraping, the flummery, the deferential silence for Her Majesty's brief oration from her throne in a House of Lords crowded with ermined peers.
For God's sake end what Paul colourfully calls this "frivolous flummery".
The interior is simple -- no extra flummery, only gleaming white table linen and sparkling glasses, and in winter the best table is close to the cosy fireplace.
In 1904, Edward Maunde Thompson, then Director and Principal Librarian, is said to have complained that "too many of the staff wasted their time on music and such-like flummery" (33).
Finally, there is an assortment of genuine Irish recipes for trusty Gaelic favorites, including Boxty, Crubeens, Irish Lamb Stew, Soda Bread, Frumenty and Flummery, Bannocks or Scones, and Shepherd's Pie.
THE MADNESS OF KING GEORGE Tuesday, Film4, 6.50pm Carry on courting: Alan Bennett looks askance at the faffing and flummery of life in Windsor Castle as various quacks try to reacquaint George III with reason in the 1780s.
Moreover, it is only by confusing the narrator with Lou that Wilde is led to see Lou's highflown outburst at the end as "the one absolutely false note in the novel." Wilde must finally equivocate over Lou's ultimate sense of knowledge, over what he calls her "flummery" and her "profound awareness." (10) Lawrence, however, makes no such equivocation: Lou's illusions about the ranch are clearly part of the central pattern of irony in the novel, and are measured against the omniscience of the narrator.
"This film is so stuffed with extraneous faff and flummery that it often barely feels like Tolkien at all - more a dire, fan-written internet tribute," he wrote.