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subject to accident or chance or change

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What wasn't flukey was the generosity of the Geordie fans.
A flukey one goes in like that, you might have to make a big save (later) to make up for it.
But Al-Saqri equalised in the 71st with a flukey goal when Anzur Ismailov's attempted clearance hit Ittihad defender Hamad Al-Montashari in the face on the edge of the area and deflected to Al-Saqri, who blasted in from a sharp angle.
How can any one call Spurs flukey when they have beaten Liverpool twice in two weeks?
It's a tough game to lose when you've been dominating and the other team gets one on a flukey mistake.
A flukey own goal and the judgement of an Eastern European linesman, this time from Croatia rather than Azerbaijan, comes to England's rescue and they lead 2-0.
Jim Eadie, Maryhill, said: "Celtic are no better than the other teams in the Scottish league, they've just had all the luck this season - just like their flukey last-minute goal to beat Aberdeen on Saturday.
And his first game could not have gone better after a flukey Morgan Fox own-goal just before the break set the scene for a superb secondhalf display that brought only the club's second win since August.
Sherwood insisted: "The goal was a little bit flukey.
We had some great chances and scored a flukey goal from a corner, an own goal actually, but fully deserved the three points.
We didn't expect to come out with a flukey win, we came out with game plan to get in their face and the boys believed we could get something out of the game, and I think that showed.
On her Newmarket run, there was nothing flukey about it and she beat probably the highest-rated filly in Europe this year.
I'm only on PS10,000 a week I suppose I can bear the pain Pity though about poor old Jack Celebrating his flukey goal, he did his back He will miss the lads when he is in Benidorm Hope he doesn't lose his form In training he's at his best Better than all the rest So realistic when he goes down Even makes the manager frown The refs don't have a chance We all lead them a pretty dance The penalty area is our main aim Guaranteed to bring you fame Jack is top of the penalty takers by far Oops
He said: "We have burst a few bubbles today and weren't expecting that, but I don't think there was anything flukey about that and she is very tough.