fluid ounce

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Synonyms for fluid ounce

a British imperial unit of capacity or volume (liquid or dry) equal to 8 fluid drams or 28

a United States unit of capacity or volume equal to 1

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METRIC 1 1/2 pounds 680 g Short paste (Recipe 14-1) 6 ounces 170 g Lean duck thigh, cleaned of all sinew and fat" 6 ounces 170 g Lean pork 6 ounces 170 g Pork fat 1 ounce 28 g French style spice mix (salt added) 4 ounces 115 g "Duck breast, cut into 1- by 3-inch (25- by 76-mm) strips" 2 ounces 60 g Duck fat (for searing) 2 fluid ounces 59 mL Brandy 4 fluid ounces 118 mL Duck glace 1/2 ounce 14 g Orange zest 2 ounces 56 g Pine nuts 2 ounces 56 g Ham, diced 1 ounce 28 g Truffles, diced 1 ounce 28 g Thyme, finely chopped 1 ounce 28 g Egg wash 1 ounce 28 g Pink peppercorns 10 fluid ounces 290 mL Duck and Madeira aspic PREPARATION STEPS: 1.
The new IDC packaging technology offers consumers an ergonomic, easy-to-carry, disposable, beverage carafe that safely transports and dispenses 96 fluid ounces of either a hot or cold beverage.
0 fluid ounce ice cream sandwiches come in a four-pack with a suggested retail price between $2.
12 fluid ounces of beer (again, any of your choosing, except the recipe says to avoid "not-so-micro brews" so the beer flavor does not overpower the other flavors).
Tenders are invited for 180 each of soap, liquid, dishwashing detergent, biodegradeable, non toxic, water soluble, usda approved, furnish between a minimum of 22 fluid ounces and a maximum of 38 fluid ounces.
Babies aged around one month only have about 10 fluid ounces of blood.
According to the Transportation Security Administration's website, aerosol insect repellents in checked luggage are included in the limit for medicinal and toiletry articles, which may not total more than 70 ounces or 68 fluid ounces.
Boost Compact Drink provides what the company describes as complete nutrition in 4 fluid ounces, compared with 8 fluid ounces in the Boost Original Drink.
Product fills from fractions of an ounce up to 32 fluid ounces per piston.
If everyone around me is getting sick or I feel that first onset of illness, I stir together 3 fluid ounces of the juice, 1 tablespoon of honey, a sprinkle of cayenne, the juice of a quarter of a lime, and 6 fluid ounces of hot water.
Of those who had no major health problems in old age, only 22 percent were non-drinkers; 62 percent drank about one drink daily; about 10 percent drank one to two drinks daily; and 3 percent drank two to three drinks daily (One drink, or 15 grams of alcohol, is equivalent to 12 fluid ounces of beer, 5 fluid ounces of wine, 3.
5 fluid ounces and Ultimate Hydration for $22 for 6.
I'm not sure how you'd officially measure sweatiness - in fluid ounces, perhaps - but there'll be as much perspiration as inspiration from tonight's arrow-slingers.