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Synonyms for fluffy

Synonyms for fluffy

like down or as soft as down

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A newnovel (and a newheroine) from the author of the fluffily spendelicious Shopaholic novels.
Taken together, surely these essays refute beyond all doubt any claims that O'Brien's writing is fluffily feminine or inappropriately critical of men.
The fact is, Kylie's public persona - previously fluffily defined by a rollercoaster pop career, sporadic bursts of "acting" and flings with the likes of Michael Hutchence - now carries agiant load of gravitas and will mean much more to many more.
How can something so fluffily named be so intrinsically evil?
LOVELY Jennifer Aniston takes a giant leap from her fluffily familiar Friends image in this unusual and sometimes bitter-sweet New York tale of unrequited romance and tangled relationships.
The fluffily agreeable received a letter from the rigorously disagreeable.
Wall to wall dogs, in fact, of every shape, size, breed and colour - from the fluffily absurd to British bulldog macho.
While the Sky Blues served up a fluffily attractive exhibition and created more scoring opportunities, Saints scooped the productivity award with two flashes of finishing power more or less out of the blue.
A rather fluffily vague idea, which, as far as the opening episode goes, is pretty much a fair description of Sally Wainwright's Leeds-based comedy drama.
It's fluffily reassuring and easy to swallow and light on real narrative protein.