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Synonyms for fluent

Synonyms for fluent

marked by facility, especially of expression

Synonyms for fluent

smooth and unconstrained in movement

Related Words

expressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively

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Ali Yousuf Ahmad Yousuf Alselaiti, an Emirati who can speak Tagalog fluently, as well as Urdu and Thai (conversational).
While Amla was largely watchful and patient, De Kock batted fluently in reaching his fifty off 49 balls.
Queen Elizabeth II can speak at least one foreign language fluently after getting a private education by governess Marion Crawford.
5 If you could speak a second language fluently, what would it be, and why?
"Here the children start studying the Vedas at the age of 10 and each student of this village speaks Sanskrit fluently. Sanskrit phrases such as Kaatham Asthi (How are you?), Aaham Gachami (I am going) and Shubham Bhavatu (May all good happen to me) are heard quite often," said Subraha, a local resident.
player a Members of AnDa Union are all trained in the music of their homeland from a young age - and are accomplished singers, moving fluently from hoomai, the guttural throat song, to the clear long notes of ortinduu, the long-song.
Fluently bilingual, Sylvette joins the team remotely working from Edmundston with an objective to strengthen nursing networks in that region of the province.
In Nigeria today, it is hard to find a child who speaks his/her mother tongue fluently, as most parents prefer to speak to their children or wards in the English language.
The purpose of course was to teach and equip Pakistani workforce and middle management of various industrial and commercial units with skills to fluently speak, negotiate and make correspondence in Chinese language with their counterparts, he added.
They can now speak fluently and write in Nihongo, each having exhibited such facility with the language through a five-minute speech in Nihongo during their graduation.Information on LPU's academic programs and career placement services are available at www.
But the six-year-old didn't jump fluently on soft ground for Barry Geraghty and came home a well-beaten third of four behind Kalondra and in need of a faster surface.
After all, there are millions of people across the world who are fluently bilingual in both their native tongue and English.
She speaks three different languages fluently including Chinese.
I had a speech which listed the Latin names of a dozen or so plants, about which I had to speak fluently and with knowledgeable enthusiasm.