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Synonyms for fluent

Synonyms for fluent

marked by facility, especially of expression

Synonyms for fluent

smooth and unconstrained in movement

Related Words

expressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively

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Grunsah also cited current CAF boss Ahmad Ahmad as a fine example of someone who is not fluent in English but has risen to the highest position of CAF President.
Speaking in fluent Bahasa Malaysia, Sim acknowledged that the DAP has come under attack over the very same issue, recalling a poster on Facebook circulating when he first became Bukit Mertajam MP in 2013 of 10 partymen including himself with words alleging that they were unable to speak Malay well.
Roth Capital analyst William Gibson downgraded Fluent to Neutral from Buy, while raising his price target on the shares to $5.50 from $4.50.
Stoke v Shrewsbury FA Cup 3rd rnd replay: 8pm NATHAN JONES believes learning his methods is like picking up a new language - and he hopes his Stoke players will soon be fluent.
Hiring more tour guides fluent in the Chinese language is now the top priority of the City Tourism Operations Office (CTOO) for the opening of the new direct air route to China next month.
She founded Fluent Design in March 2012 and hired her first full-time employee two years later.
Tecan's Fluent Gx Automation Workstation was designed specifically to provide the advanced process security features required for regulated applications in clinical, GCP, GLP, GMP and QC facilities.
Speaking in fluent Russian, Lin Pin-chun thanked the conservatory's teachers and staff for their sincere devotion and patience.
The Hilal-e-Imtiaz recipient was also an accomplished cricket commentator and was fluent in English, Urdu, Gujarati, French, German and Russian.
A Chinese professor surprised the audience when he ad-dressed a seminar completely in fluent Urdu.
Take Switzerland, where most people are fluent or have a good working knowledge of the native languages of German, French and Italian, as well as a high level of fluency in English.
11.20AM: A parcel from Fluent Finance is delivered to the home address in Burford Close.
In my own work with struggling readers, I've found it helpful to ask myself--regularly, as a matter of habit--a trio of simple, straightforward questions: What is it that proficient and fluent readers actually do when they encounter texts?
Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 25 (ANI): More than one million users of Android and IOS phones have been attracted to LIKE application for its unique features that includes high performance, fancy video processing effect, fast and fluent video play technology that defines the world best across a plethora of networks and tech arenas.
CONCERNS have been expressed that the Church in Wales' status as a bilingual institution is at risk, with only one of its six bishops now a fluent Welshspeaker.