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Synonyms for fluency

ability to speak or write


Synonyms for fluency

ready skill in expression

Synonyms for fluency

powerful and effective language

skillfulness in speaking or writing

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the quality of being facile in speech and writing

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According to Thornbury (2009), the lack of oral fluency in L2 may trigger frustration and embarrassment in learners of a foreign language, inhibiting face-to-face interaction.
The purpose of this study was to determine if explicit and systematic reading instruction would improve the comprehension and oral reading fluency of adolescents at some risk for academic failure.
Bay-Williams, a math teacher educator, and Kling, an elementary math curriculum developer and teacher, outline five fundamentals for transforming basic math fact instruction, along with 42 activities and games and 26 assessment tools, to help elementary students develop their fluency and learn facts.
Our objective was to find the association between the duration of the disease and cognitive function (short-term memory and verbal fluency) of elderly subjects with Type 2 or non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.
Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization (TAG-Org) developed the Arabic Fluency Certificate as a part of its contributions for the dissemination of the Arabic language and its culture, as well as for the enhancement of the language value globally.
ETA hand2mind created Daily Math Fluency to help teachers around the country improve and accelerate math skill development for millions of young learners, preparing them for success in college, our evolving workforce and life.
KOTESOL requests proposals on fluency development in the four skills (writing, reading, speaking and listening) and fluency development in young learners.
"Gospel Fluency Handbook" provides in-depth studies of the Gospel with a concentration on helping the reader recognize areas of unbelief to strengthen and grow in their faith equipping the reader to live the gospel message as the central purpose of daily life immersing them in their local community culture.
In order to overcome lack of fluency in speaking, it has been suggested that fluency activities that make repeated use of familiar language under time pressure should be included in any balanced language learning program (Nation, 2014).
Here is the list of process skills covered in this book: Solution fluency, information fluency, creativity fluency, media fluency, collaboration fluency latency, global digital citizenship.
It was introduced because native Welsh speaking children lacked sufficient English language fluency to be able to effectively learn through the medium of English.
However, whereas the majority of researchers have suggested the advantages of fluency of discount information processing, Motyka et al.
Studies have in general reported very little change in cognitive functioning following DBS ([3-7]), except for one strikingly common and persistent finding: reduced verbal fluency, with significant reductions reported in both letter-and category-based word generation tasks (see reviews by [8] and [9]).
Several tests can be used to evaluate executive function, for example, Trail Making Test (TMT) and verbal fluency tests.
A new 10 million Mandarin Excellence Programme will see at least 5,000 young people on track towards fluency in Mandarin Chinese by 2020.