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Synonyms for fluency

ability to speak or write


Synonyms for fluency

ready skill in expression

Synonyms for fluency

powerful and effective language

skillfulness in speaking or writing

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the quality of being facile in speech and writing

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She appears ignorant of the fact that children are struggling to develop native English language fluency throughout the United Kingdom.
Writing primarily for graduate students who are beginning their first experience in fluency disorders, Manning and DiLollo try to convey the enthusiasm and creativity associated with assisting people who stutter.
Keywords: fluency, oral reading, repeated reading, listening passage preview, curriculum-based measurement
These findings prompted our interest in investigating the combined effect of processing fluency and the additional information about discounts.
A high level of fluency in Mandarin Chinese will become increasingly important in our globally competitive economy.
The verbal fluency tasks are frequently used to evaluate cognitive changes, characterize the performance profiles in healthy aging and in neurodegenerative diseases (Di Biasio et al.
Expanding upon the award-winning Door 24 app and available for free on the App Store, Door 24 Plus establishes a foundation based on fact fluency and then builds computational fluency by providing practice that requires students to solve problems using basic facts, number sense, and algebraic thinking.
The first part, Going for Fluency, provides an insight into the four modalities of language learning (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and a broad range of ideas for increasing fluency through today's technology: apps, blogs, ebooks, film, websites, music, media and more.
Research shows a link between simple fluency measures and comprehension (e.
This study evaluated the effectiveness of high school tutors' implementation of Great Leaps Reading (Campbell, 1998), a reading fluency supplementary instructional program.
From fluency to comprehension; powerful instruction through authentic reading.
Other researchers have identified fluency as a "prerequisite" for successfully comprehending text (Kuhn & Stahl, 2003, p.
The objective of the present study was to investigate the effectiveness of using a multimedia-based program for developing EFL speaking fluency skills among second year, English section student teachers.
com)-- CQ fluency (formerly Translation Plus) is a communications company on a global mission to facilitate real connections and true cultural understanding between people who don't speak the same language.
In designing solutions to the challenges our readers presented, we drew on the significant existing body of research on fluency as a key component of skilled reading (e.