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organ pipe whose tone is produced by air passing across the sharp edge of a fissure or lip

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The pitch of flue pipes depends directly on the velocity of sound, which in turn depends on air temperature.
The severed flue pipe may constitute an alteration of the expected path for the products of combustion.
The group was waiting on the fire department to arrive and to cut the intruder out of the flue pipe. I got to the site as quickly as I could, but by that time, the intruder had already been cut out of the flue pipe and transported to the nearest hospital, with a police escort, of course.
The flue pipe twisted and turned here, dominating the space like a Minimalist sculpture.
The Mannion team will tune the burner, clean the furnace fan, and clean the combustion chamber and heat exchanger cavities, the chimney base and the flue pipe. They'll also examine all fittings for leaks and perform rigorous testing to ensure that the furnace is secure and running optimally.
H Ridout, listed building |consent for alterations to roof to accommodate a flue pipe, Sunnywood House, 14 Chandler Lane, Honley.
At a later date the building appears to have had a second lease of life as a shelter for forestry workers, who made modifications such as a small window and flue pipe for their stove.
He admitted he had carried out a "botch" job as he fitted a flue pipe to a new boiler at the home in Bath.
In a police interview 10 days after the death, Mr Jones, who claimed to have 28 years' experience cleaning chimneys, said he put an aluminium flue pipe back into place, which had been pushed out of shape.
Like a conventional water heater, a tankless water heater requires a flue pipe to remove unburned gases and pollutants, among them carbon monoxide, which is generated from the combustion of natural gas or propane.
I boxed in the pipes at the bottom but I still have a large, unsightly flue pipe which leads from the top to the adjacent wall.
The eco-friendly dry dunny, which was on display at the Centre for Appropriate Technology, contains no water and extracts odours through its flue pipe