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Synonyms for flue

Synonyms for flue

flat bladelike projection on the arm of an anchor

organ pipe whose tone is produced by air passing across the sharp edge of a fissure or lip

a conduit to carry off smoke

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Inspired by the air processor, this paper introduces a liquid-desiccant-based flue gas total heat recovery system combined with a direct contact condenser which can absorb NOx.
It did not incorporate an adaptor and was therefore not suitable to flue products of combustion.
He said that vaccination is crucial for seasonal influenza, adding that an influenza patient suffering from asthma must undergo swine flue test.
Each flue follows a similar path of approximately 72 ft [22 m], about equally divided between horizontal runs and a vertical run up through the building.
The method of the injection of technical water after the steam superheater somewhat resembles the LIFAC method, pursuant to which the activation of the fly ash with the injection of technical water and the desulphurisation of the flue gas take place in the reactor, which is located after the air preheater [15, 16].
Graff said: "You will have variation in the composition of the flue gas over the production day, depending on the waste being burnt.
Flue gas desulphurization market can be segmented by method, by type and by application.
In this report, the Asia-Pacific Flue gas desulphurization (FGD) market is segmented on the basis of type and applications of FGD.
An inspector then found that a steel beam installed in the loft had broken through the flue, causing it to become blocked.
The business, which also produces commercial products for boiler and diesel generator exhausts, exports to clients in the Middle East and Asia, and supplied the exhausts and flue systems for the service plant installation at the Burj Dubai development.
A FAF ULTY gas flue is AULTY gas flue is A thought to have started a fire which broke out in a house in Gwynedd over the weekend.
Contaminated flue dust from a mining and metallurgical Superfund site in Idaho may be headed to a Colorado landfill as part of a plan to clean up a waste site south of Laramie.
As part of improvement work the company had to replace a flue from the gas fire.
The system will capture CO2 from flue gas from an existing coal-fired power generation plant and will have a CO2 capture capacity of 4,776 metric tons per day (mtpd).
ANDRITZ has received an order from Jyvaskyla Energy Group to deliver new flue gas cleaning equipment and upgrade the bubbling fluidised bed boiler at the Rauhalahti site, Finland.