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Later on in the night, Michael Keaton made the same flub while introducing the movie while presenting the nominees for best supporting actress in a film.
If a Grandiva soloist flubs a turn, he can make it a dramatic moment in which he ends on his stomach, tutu in the air, pounding his fists into the stage.
One unexpected flaw occurs when Jacques flubs the name Fenner, pronouncing it Penner.
A basic journalistic tenet is to have at least two credible and independent sources for information, yet the networks didn't even follow this basic rule," said Tauzin, who will take testimony this week from news toppers regarding election night flubs.
Moreover, the thoughts and feelings of two clients proved relatively easy to read, whereas the third evoked numerous empathic flubs from all observers.
Because public relations is so public, goofs and gaffes frequently are exposed to the world, buck naked in bright lights of media that delight in flubs and foibles, especially when it involves bungled PR.