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treat with sulphur in order to preserve


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If the pH of the soil in the bed is still too high, it can be reduced from seven to five by adding flowers of sulphur, 125g per square metre on a sandy loam, double that on heavier loams.
EXAMINE stored dahlia tubers and cut off parts that are showing signs of rotting and dust with flowers of sulphur, and if they are shrivelling plunge them in tepid water for the night, dry and repack them in trays of peat.
If there are any signs of rot them cut off the affected parts and dust with flowers of sulphur.
Rubbing off damp soil and cutting off leaves will help, and you could then put them in an airing cupboard for a few days to dry out, before dusting them with flowers of sulphur.
For a sandy loam, 125 grams per square metre (4 oz per sq yard) of flowers of sulphur is sufficient, but double this quantity for heavy loams.